The 5 Artist Feature – Number 2!

The first 5-Artist Feature went splenbodidly! Here we have another 5-Artist Feature to show the world more of the talented Artists around the globe.

This is to help give more support to up and running very talented musicians and singers!

First up, we have:


Cousin John BandGet movin’ with the Cousin John Band!

A true mix of Americana, jump-blues, rock, western ballads, R & B, roots and funk. 

Recently named Artist/Ambassador at U.N.Arts For Peace after submitting “Leather and Steel” for

Wammie Nominee for Best Roots Group 2012!!!

Check out their genius craftsmanship at:

Cousin John Band Cousin John Band     facebook-icon Cousin John Band    reverbnationlogol01_hzwgw Cousin John Band

youtube_icon Cousin John Band     twitter Cousin John Band      amazon logo Cousin John Band




Get ready for some modern day 80’s style rock music!

With Chris Muhl at the vocals; Volkmar Del Piero at guitar and Frank Baumann on Bass – these guys certainly know their onions!

You have to hear it to believe it!

Check out their creations at:

facebook-icon Turnbridge on Facebook     reverbnationlogol01_hzwgw Turnbridge at ReverbNation     youtube_icon Turnbridge on YouTube

twitterTurnbridge at Twitter



Andrew Rulton

Andrew is an amazing guitar player!!! His tunes are purely instrumental, but ever so enjoyable!

His styles vary from Progressive Metal to the subtleness of Smooth Jazz. Take a listen – you’ll be glad you did.

Check out this talented fellow’s craftsmanship at:

facebook-icon Andrew Rulton on Facebook     reverbnationlogol01_hzwgw Andrew Rulton at Reverbnation     twitter Andrew Rulton at Twitter



Gabe MacKniteIf you want instrumental rock, call upon Gabe MacKnite.

He certainly knows how to work those riffs! Cracking out those killer rock beats!

Check out his superb creations at:

facebook-icon Gabe MacKnite on Facebook     reverbnationlogol01_hzwgw Gabe MacKnite at ReverbNation



Lauren-JayeThe sound of Lauren-Jaye is like a breath of fresh air. Her sweet melodies and smooth vocals gives each song a sound of it’s own.

Dedicated to her music, this is one Lady who won’t let you down!

Check out her beats crafted from the sunny sea town of Western-Super-Mare at:

Lauren-Jaye Lauren-Jaye Artist Homepage     facebook-icon Lauren-Jaye on Facebook

reverbnationlogol01_hzwgw Lauren-Jaye at ReverbNation    youtube_icon Lauren-Jaye on YouTube     twitter Lauren-Jaye on Twitter

Myspace_icon Lauren-Jaye at Myspace     soundcloud Lauren-Jaye at SoundCloud

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The 5 Artist Feature!

Please find here 5 (five) featured artists! This is to help give more support to up and running very talented musicians and singers!

First up, we have:


Cronicles of Bad ButchThe Cronicles of Bad Butch has the very talented Spencer Reyneke, formally from Zen and the Art, on drums; punchy punk style playing of Justin Toby on rhythm; Gary Allen, the man, driving the bass, and the heavy metal/ blues guitar style; and distinctive voice of Shani Woods. Combined, these members have formed a new style of retro 80’s classic rock with a modern twist! With the wonderful ‘Bad Butch’ at the Helm! – These guys will have you boogying in no time!

Check out their genius craftmanship at:

Cronicles of Bad Butch_1 The cronicles of Bad Butch     facebook-icon The Cronicles of Bad Butch     reverbnationlogol01_hzwgw The Cronicles of Bad Butch

youtube_icon The Cronicles of Bad Butch     twitter The Cronicles of Bad Butch     Myspace_icon The Cronicles of Bad Butch



leila“I’m a singer, I’m a songwriter, I’m a producer – I’m an artist”

And yes she definitely is!! Just one listen and you want to hear more; there’s no doubt about it! Leila’s originality clearly shines out.

It’s all a one-woman-show! Enjoy!

Check out this lovely lady’s craftwomanship at:

leila Leila Licks Official Page     facebook-icon Leila on Facebook     reverbnationlogol01_hzwgw Leila at ReverbNation

youtube_icon Leila on YouTube     twitterLeila at Twitter     Myspace_icon Leila at Myspace



KorieHere is the 14 year old, talented Korie Anne from Sacramento, California! Singing is her passion – and it certainly shows!!

Korie has just released her first official video for her debut single “Closer to You”. Be sure to check it out!

Check out this talented young lady’s craftwomanship at:

Korie Korie Anne Official Page     facebook-icon Korie Anne on Facebook     reverbnationlogol01_hzwgw Korie Anne at ReverbNation

youtube_icon Korie Anne on YouTube     twitter Korie Anne at Twitter     Myspace_icon Korie Anne at Myspace



blabpipe_1Blabpipe is an all original American Rock band from the New England area, presently made up of Ray (guitars/vocals) & Sean (bass/drums).

Blabpipe’s debut, self-titled album (2011) has become an underground sensation in the rock alternative genre. 180 and Rising was released in Aug 2012, and has been quickly climbing the charts ever since!!

Check out their superb creations at:

facebook-icon Blabpipe on Facebook     reverbnationlogol01_hzwgw Blabpipe at ReverbNation

youtube_icon Blabpipe on YouTube     twitter Blabpipe at Twitter     Myspace_icon Blabpipe at Myspace



tony rybkaIf your looking for some old school blues and folk music, Tony’s your man! With his loyal Angel by his side. 

There’s no mistaking his style – your foot will be tapping to the beats in no time! 

Check out his beats at:

facebook-icon Tony Rybka on Facebook     reverbnationlogol01_hzwgw Tony Rybka at ReverbNation

youtube_icon Tony Rybka on YouTube     twitter Tony Rybka at Twitter     Myspace_icon Tony Rybka at Myspace

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Number ONE on Reverbnation!!!

I just saw that I have become Number 1 (that’s Number ONE!!!) on the Reverbnation charts for the Taunton/Somerset Folk Scene!! 😀 Many Many Thanks to All!

I am chuffed to pieces!! I almost keeled over when I saw it! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!! <– Here's the link

Reverb Number One

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You know when…

You know when you’ve mastered something when you are no longer afraid of it – Harrie

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Out with the Old – In with the New

As we come to the end of 2012, we must look back over the year and see what we have achieved; what we have learned; and what we must plan for the coming year. Have you made your New Year Resolutions? I know I have; and this one I’m sure to keep. 😀

Take care of yourselves, and I wish you nothing but the best for 2013!!

Happy New Year!


new year owl

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Seasons Greetings!!!

Hello World!!

I’d like to wish you all a very Happy Yuletide and a very Merry Christmas!!!

Have a good one!


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The End of the World – 21st December 2012

At this moment in time we are 40 minutes away from the believed moment the Ending of the World will take place.

Today is the 21st December 2012. According to the Mayan Calender, no day will follow after today. 

Have a nice day, and I’ll see y’all on the morrow!!

Over and Out – Harrie

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A New Video

A cover of Melanie Safka’s “Baby Day”. One of my favourites!

Check it out!

Baby Day

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Hello world!

Hallo Hallo and welcome to the Official page of Harrie! Am finally getting up to speed with this website – didn’t take long! But we get there eventually.

Everything is still in “work in progress” which is why it all looks a little dismal. But as time moves progresses, so shall the site.

That’s it from me! Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays!

Over and Out – Harrie

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